He has been asking me out for a long time without me agreeing to it.Every time he did I would come up with a different excuse; either I have other engagements,I’m not feeling well,I’ll be working late,I’m going out with my friends,I’m baby sitting among other lies(Lord forgive me).

It’s not like I didn’t want to go out with him,it’s just that I still wasn’t sure if I should or shouldn’t go out with him or anyone just yet.Ever since I became a mum going out has been out of the question for me; sometimes I would prefer just to sit at home and watch my daughter play around the house.Even meeting some of my friends has been a problem (even some of my cousin’s complain that I don’t visit them which is true by the way for some I don’t even know where they live!).
This doesn’t mean I am not an outgoing person (if you doubt this ask anyone who knew me before I became a mum). I’m both an outdoor person as well as an indoor person (weird right,but that’s just me)I love nature;can take long lonely walks in the park,or take along a book with me to read.I can stay an entire day or even more indoors without even watching television or listening to music.I know you’re wondering how does one just sit not watching TV or listening to music well,I can either decide to clean the house and by cleaning I mean thorough cleaning,cook(it’s not like I love cooking but when I do I surely enjoy it and I cook a really nice meal and I can as well decide to just sit there!Does it sound creepy?Not really it doesn’t.I treasure solitude so if anyone tells me they need space I totally understand it.I hope my Mr A too understands that it’s not like I don’t want to go out with him but I just want to be alone,enjoy my own space,my own company and listen to my own thoughts. I know I’m not the only one who does this.

We all at times crave for that solitude,not because you don’t have anyone to talk to or hangout with but because you just want to be with yourself.It is totally understandable.Let no one call you mean or selfish.

So finally my Mr.A calls again;
“Hey gorgeous,are you free this coming weekend?”
(Rolls eyes)holy Moses,so he has not given up yet.
“Hey you,”im quickly thinking of fixing myself an event that I’m supposed to attend.Then a sudden thought of a statement one of my friends keeps telling me ‘you claim you’re single yet you never go out,do you expect Mr.Right to fall at your doorstep?’ crosses my mind.Lisa I still love you girl(giggles).
“Not really,what do you have in mind?”
Did I hear him just smile over the phone or I heard my own things…any way it is well.
“You told me you love soul music right, there’s a joint along Ngong Road that I know of we can go listen to some soul.”
Ooh my God,did he mean Art & Soul?I have only but heard of this place.
“Yes I do love soul music.Yeah I would love to go.” I almost heard him say finally she accepted!!
It doesn’t hurt going out with him, furthermore I have been standing this son of a woman for God knows how long.
“So we have a date right?”
“Perfect” and he hanged up.I could imagine the joy he felt.
So how do I go out leaving my daughter?,what do I wear?,how will it feel going out and I am someone’s mother?Do I wear high heels,wedges or flat shoes?what amount of make-up do I need to put on?How am I supposed to behave Infront of him? I didn’t know what question to deal with fast! It’s been ages(3 years since I last went out on a date!)it’s like I had forgotten everything.Do even dates have Dos and Don’ts? I’m yet to find out.

It’s Friday,the date night.I asked my Sister to baby sit for me and she agreed.fyukks!what a relief,I won’t have to worry about her(my daughter) because she is in good hands.Im the kind of person whom when you agree on going somewhere with kindly call me or text me in the morning of the material day or the night before just confirming that we’re actually going where we were supposed to go;not because I will forget but it shows commitment.(that’s just me I don’t know about everybody else).

My Mr.A must have been taught well by his mum(God bless his mother for me)He called me earlier that morning….
“Good morning sunshine”Does he have to be this sweet and nice every time he talks to me?.

“Good morning to you.” Did I miss anything?I hope not.
“Just calling you to wish you a great day ahead and also to remind you of our meeting later today.”
Lord,see the kind of a man your daughter has been praying for,are you answering her prayers or should she keep waiting as she prays more?.
“That’s so sweet of you,thanks for the reminder.Have a good day ahead as well.”
“See you then.”
That day was one of my most productive days at work!I don’t know how but I just know it was.Though I’m yet to confirm with my boss when she sends the performance report.
That evening after work I rushed back home to freshen up.I had to look good at least for once.I had to make sure my hair, makeup,dress were all in check.
As I was about to leave the house,I get a strange call;
“Habari yako madam,Mimi ni Uber nimetumwa na Jacob nikuchukue.Uko wapi’?(Hello madam,I’m your Uber I have been sent by Jacob to pick you up.Where are you?)
Dear God,I think he is being extra now,no one has ever sent me an Uber to pick me up!Why is this guy trying to show off?!
“Salama sana,hata nishakua tayari natoka sasa hivi.Uko side gani?”(Hello to you,I’m almost ready and I’ll be out in a minute.Where are you exactly?”
“Niko hapa Kwa gate yenu.”(I’m here at the gate)
So,even the Uber guy knows where I live!I’m not surprised!

I step out of the house trying so hard to balance in my high heels that I haven’t worn in a while.I spot a Honda Fit outside the gate,I call the number again just to be sure it’s him.Before I step into the car,my phone rings:it’s Jacob ofcourse…..!
“Hey beautiful,i sent an Uber to pick you up,has he arrived yet?He should be there by now.”
“Yes,it’s a Honda fit white in colour with car registration number…..”
Just hold it right there,so like you had to send an Uber?how about you just send me that money and let me find my way to Ngong Road? Anyway he is here already.
“You didn’t have to go through all that,I mean I can find my way.”
“I know you’re just from work and you’re tired so I didn’t want you to go through all the hustle of boarding a matatu to Ngong Road!”
Father,where have you been hiding him all these while?or was I the one who was taking too long to agree on the prayers that you had answered long time ago?
“Thank you so much for being so considerate,the Uber guy is here already and we should be there in the next 45 minutes if at all there’s no traffic.”
“Anything for a beautiful and strong woman like you”
Wait,how did you even come to know that I’m strong?have you ever seen me lift a 20liters can before?or you saw me tilling an a quarter acre land alone?!!!

The venue was exactly what I expected it to be.The ambiance was breathtaking and the music…’s like he had talked to the DJ and asked him to play all my favourite songs from the likes of George Benson, Marvin Gaye,Luther Vandros,Black  Box etc ; because  the track line up was amazing.
Jacob kept staring at me the whole entire time.He couldn’t get enough of me!


Ofcourse I couldn’t resist dancing with him.His arms felt so warm,the most secure and safest place I have ever been in this world!The sound of his heart beat,the warmth of his breathe whenever he whispered into my ears.There is something with his eyes,the way he looked at me no other man has ever looked at me like that before!


Back at home that night,I couldn’t sleep,my mind kept wondering off back to the street when we decided to take a walk in the streets of Nairobi to marvel at its beauty under the sky full of the moon and stars;the way he was holding my hand tightly never wanting to let it go,each time he would stop just to stare at me, without saying a word was it because I am beautiful?was it because he was in love with me,was it because he sees something in me that all the others failed to see?


“Stop being silly”,I told myself.They all start like this.
“NO,Jacob seems different” I’m still convinced that he is different from all the others…….


2019,here we are!

Happy new year 2019!I know it’s late for me to say hehehe but truth be told,i had missed you guys and i’m glad that we meet here again.2018 was a year that had it’s full shares of both positive and negative energy but i can’t complain.So far so good.Here is another year,let’s share and give more love,make memories,be happy,dance more,make jokes for that’s what life is all about.Life is too short to be unhappy!Speaking of love hmm seems like someone found love(giggles).Story for another day.

happy new year

One thing 2018 has taught me is patience.Patience in every little thing i do.This patience too i realized is not served alone but it comes along with prayer!

Ever been in a situation you thought you will never come out of alive;well,that has been my residence a few months ago but one thing i’m grateful to God is that He never allowed the situation to consume me!

I have also realized that anything you ask for from God with faith then He surely grants you even though sometimes He gives us what we need and not what we want!I somehow have a feeling that 2019 is going to be a good year i don’t know if you do too!It’s like some of the things i have been praying for are actually being answered in this year.!I have always believed myself to be a prayer woman and God has just proved this to me and it has strengthened my faith in Him even more.


Last year things were really going against my expectations and  to some extent i thought 2018 had 536 days!crazy right!

By the way guys we won an award yeeey!All thanks to everyone who supported us by voting for us Arianet Foundation as Brand of the year House of Legacy Wards 2018.It was really humbling.A big thank you too to House of Legacy for the nomination it was indeed an honor.


This year let’s do the unexpected;surprise people with our hidden talents,go an extra mile just to make sure we are getting closer to our goals and visions.

…….2019 is MY YEAR!Say it like you own it!

It’s a new year guys let’s be happy or at least try to be,let’s show kindness to everyone we meet on the way,smile to strangers you just never know what your smile might do to them…remember smiles are contagious and they make a dull day seem brighter!Dance like no one is watching(even if you got two left legs like myself),Love like you have never been hurt,Give without expecting anything in return.Above all be that good thing that has never happened to someone’s!

Imperfect and absolutely BEAUTIFUL

I am not a perfect woman, and far from it. But in case you’re looking for her, society has a distinct blueprint.


I’m going to try not to get too emotional while writing this, as I am not the ideal mother or the perfect woman.

I am deeply flawed and far from the female, bragged about in Proverbs 31 (It’s a book in the Christian Bible which explains what the perfect woman should be). Yeah, this is not me!

Society has placed pressure on women. They must be great mothers, excellent workers, if they decide to work, which is not preferred by society, to be honest, and sexy as well. Yes, I said the “s” word, because I need you to understand how important society thinks it is to do the impossible and look good in the process!

I was talking to a friend and I told him that one reason why women were so competitive is because of society’s expectations. I was distraught, finally falling apart from the fatigue of trying to be a perfect female. I know he means well, but the look on his face told me that he was overwhelmed and really didn’t understand. So, who will hear us?

Okay, so I cried, let it all out and then moved on. Basically, I didn’t want to feel “not good enough” anymore. So, that’s why I’m standing my ground. I’m going to fight back against these expectations. I have prepared a list of “perfect woman” qualities so that you can see what a woman is supposed to be according to society. If you’re looking for the perfect female, here’s your sign!

She must be pretty/beautiful/sexy/hot

Let me get this one out of the way because it is the worst! Society says, as women, we should look good. That’s fine, I get it, it’s good to be attractive, but what is beauty? Who set the standards for what beautiful should be? Did you know that there are different ideas of beauty from around the world? What is seen as beautiful in the United States may not be attractive in Europe or Asia. Actually, it’s quite different for sure.

Regardless,it goes deeper than that. There are three times more emphasis placed on women to look “pretty”, just take a look at the cosmetic industry, clothing and shoes! Yes, men’s apparel is gaining a wider variety, but it has nothing on what’s targeted at the female customer. Let’s just be honest, the body shaming, the harassment, and competition – it’s getting out of hand with this stuff, wouldn’t you think?

Society says that the perfect woman is beautiful, put together and sexy. Her looks are the first thing that men or other women notice. The mind of the woman is noticed much later, sometimes as long as after marriage even. There are unreal expectations on women to constantly adjust their physical appearance, and it is damaging to their mental health.

She shouldn’t work

This may not be a universal preference, but it is a common one. Many men or other members of society prefer that women not enter the workforce. Most of these beliefs come from old-fashioned standards or religious views. Speaking of religion, did you know that in some beliefs, women cannot be pastors, preachers or teachers according to the scriptures? It’s true, but……hey, I don’t listen to that.

Society has created an image of a woman that does not include work tools or equipment. The perfect woman is seen with homemaker tools instead, which show you just how thinking is still so primitive. Most women resent this preference, as well, and still strive to break this stereotypical view of women. I congratulate every single woman who fights this ideal. Thank you!

She should go get a job

Kind of on the flip side lies the idea that any work done at home is not work at all. I am a writer, I write though not every day, in some form;writing my book,articles or for some clients whom i run their blogs. I don’t spend more time working on my writing because i have an outside job to run so i know how it feels to “go get a job”. Sometimes, I even forget to eat because of pressing deadlines. I would call this work because it is!They would not call this work and so one needs to dress up, go out, and drop physical applications.

workThe problem with society is that work from home is never seen as important. They may claim that you have a job, but deep down,they really don’t believe it.I know most writers have had so many people comment on how easy it must be to work in their pajamas and take breaks whenever they want. There is truth in that statement, but the statement only covers a small percentage of what working from home entails.

Not only do women have to complete their work-at-home assignments, as with freelancers, they also have to make sure the homemaker duties are completed as well, especially if no one else in the household will help them. Sorry, my “personal vendetta against shallow judgment” is showing again. Forgive me….

She must be able to cook, clean and cater for the man

I honestly believe there are more male chefs than female, but I could be wrong. Society believes, however, that every single woman should have the inborn talent to create an edible masterpiece. I remember a statement from my childhood when my uncle reprimanded me for playing outside instead of helping my aunt  in the kitchen whenever i visited them.


“No man will ever marry you if you cannot cook or clean.”

That’s really sexist, isn’t it? Well, my father was serious, my mother was still doing all these things without my father’s help. In fact, she worked a full-time job, cooked two meals a day and cleaned/washed and dusted at every other moment in-between. Her life was a testament to that Proverbs 31 woman I mentioned before.

This is what society says: Every woman must be a role model for little girls. They must have a talent for basic cooking, at least. They must keep their homes clean, dishes and clothes washed and their husbands happy. I feel nauseated, how perfectly hateful and outdated.

She must be “ladylike”

Now this one is interesting, and I also fail miserably in this arena. To society, women must be well-mannered, calm and classy. They should know what to wear, at what time and for whatever function. They must not be rude, burp, fart or laugh too loud. This is the model of a perfect woman, and all of us females should follow the blueprint…not.

I know of a friend who was a tomboy when younger, and still is.Her father used to tell her that no man would marry her, She wiped her muddy hands on her torn dress and laughed at him.She remembers running  into the forest to hide from him. After he called to her a few times, he shook his head and gave up.She was not that classy girl, and he knew it.

I don’t really care for pleasantries such as knowing which side of my plate to put the salad fork or crossing my legs. Know what? Sometimes I even eat with my hands because, in part of my culture, eating with my hands is acceptable. I do wear dresses almost all the time or tight formal shoes.But still this doesn’t make me perfect. I do say, ma’am, although, and I teach my child to do the same. Anyway, I’m not that perfect woman, so move along. When nobody’s looking, most of us aren’t.

She’s a great mother

I have one child,a daughter for that matter. For birthdays, we eat a meal at a nice restaurant,or sometimes i just prepare something nice at home. I buy a gift or two and buy a cake(because i can’t bake lol). Other than that, the day passes and I move on. The thing is, I love my child, but I have learned that to be a good mother doesn’t mean you have to give them everything all the time.This i keep telling her each time we are out shopping and she cries for something. But society says, the perfect woman, is also the perfect mother, one who sacrifices everything for the good of her children.


Now, let’s think about this for a moment – is it right to sacrifice everything for you child? Most people would say yes, but then most people aren’t going to analyze that question for their own good, but I will. If I am not happy, then how is this a good thing for my children. If I am spending every waking moment spoiling them, gifting them and paying empty compliments, then I have no energy to do things for myself. My children need to know what it means to have healthy self-love as well. But, I guess society didn’t think about that!

The perfect woman does not exist. Many women may strive to fit the mold of the Proverbs 31 chick, but let’s face it, we can never live up to this symbolic image. I think, as women, we should strive to do as our conscious tells us, not as society governs. In time, maybe society will understand and appreciate women for who they really are.

Imperfect and absolutely beautiful!

Love is NEVER enough!

I know I have been silent for the longest time ever,not because I wanted to be silent but because circumstances forced me to be and  due to that I had to go away for some time just to clear my head and try find some peace.As I am writing this,I can gladly say that I am so much at peace with everyone including myself;I had to accept everything that had happened even though some were hard to accept but they left me with no choice.I can now put words together and write this piece something that I have been unable to for some days now.Writing has been my therapy but for once it failed me and I couldn’t think clearly until I had to go away!I thank the almighty for in Him I find my peace;peace that surpasses human understanding….and while I was away something tickled my mind and I felt like I should share it with you….

……one of the things I have discovered in my years of dating is that love by itself is never enough to have a relationship work. The divorce courts are full of people who love each other.For example, what good is my love for you if I treat you lousy? It’s worthless. If I want our relationship to work, I need to make sure you feel loved. It’s the experience of love that makes the difference.

So, what creates the experience of love? The experience of love is created by giving the gift of acceptance and appreciation.Notice how you feel when someone genuinely accepts and appreciates you. Doesn’t this feel good? Of course it does. You feel better about yourself and better about life. You also feel better about the other person.

The same thing happens when you accept and appreciate someone else. That person automatically feels better about life and better about you. By giving acceptance and appreciation, you create the experience of love.

Now notice how you feel when someone is non-accepting and critical towards you. Instantly, the experience of love disappears. You get hurt and upset. You put up your walls of protection and automatically resist the person who is non-accepting towards you.The same thing happens when you are non-accepting towards someone else. That person gets upset, puts up his or her walls of protection and automatically becomes critical and resentful towards you.

Then you get hurt. Your walls of protection get stronger and you become even more judgmental and critical of the other person. Then the other person gets more upset and becomes more critical of you.Without knowing, you create a cycle of conflict, a cycle of hurting, attacking and withdrawing from each other. This cycle then goes on and on without either person ever noticing his or her role in the problem. It’s this cycle of conflict that creates the suffering in relationships.

To end the cycle of conflict, or to make sure it never starts, you need to make sure the other person feels loved accepted and appreciated. This is the key to having any relationship work.

Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done(sighs). Some people are very difficult to accept. Fortunately, acceptance is nothing more than surrendering to the truth. The people in your life are exactly the way that they are, whether you like it or not.


Pick someone in your life that you can’t accept. Notice that this person has a very particular state of mind and a very particular way of seeing life. Notice that this person is the way he or she is and that your feelings about it are totally irrelevant.

When you can be at peace with the truth of how someone is, you can see what you need to do. You have peace of mind. You are creative and resourceful. You can find solutions and you can take the action you need to have your life be great.

When you fight the truth, you create a state of fear and upset. You close down inside and you get tunnel vision. All you can do is fight, resist, hang on or withdraw. This in turn destroys the experience of love, fuels the conflict and makes your situation worse.If you want your relationship to work, let go of your demands and expectations for how the person should be, and make peace with the way the person is. Empower the person and do everything you can to make sure the person feels loved, accepted and appreciated.

Then watch what happens. As the person feels loved and empowered by you, that person becomes a lot more interested in making you happy. Automatically, that person becomes more accepting and appreciative of you. Then you feel loved and become more accepting and appreciative of the other person.Instead of creating the cycle of conflict, you create the cycle of loving, supporting and empowering each other. Creating this cycle is the key to having your relationship be great.


So, to have your relationship be as great as it can be, make sure the other person feels loved, accepted and appreciated. Let go of your demands for how the person should be and see the beauty in the person, just the way he or she is.Another thing,don’t marry for love only;people wake up with different feelings everyday.Marry because you want to spent the rest of your life with that person,marry because you want him/her to be part of your future!

Too Long!!

I feel like I’m stuck here forever.This phase seems to be repeating itself over and over again!When I thought I will never be here again;but look at me,I’m like a record player put on a repeat mode….sighs..!!

Nothing good seems to be coming out of anything I do.Everything I touch surely dies like literally!Ever been at the point of losing yourself,going to bed and fearing to wake up the next day?not because you are afraid of the day itself but because you are afraid of what the day holds,the expectations from those who depend on you,those who look up to you,those who are inspired by the kind of life you live and how you live it!trust me,I’m there and I’m afraid of letting anyone down.!I have cried myself to sleep many nights,soaking my pillow in tears that nobody else has ever seen.Not because they can’t see them but because they’ll think I’m too weak,and I don’t want that to happen! They say people cry not because they are weak but because they have been strong for too long and they can’t hold unto their weight any longer.

The last few months have been one of the toughest in my life calendar.I have had several meetings with myself and with God.I have asked myself where have I gone wrong,what is it that I’m not doing right?The thought of committing suicide crossed my mind and I got scared!I contemplated taking my own life with a knife;but the voice of my daughter calling “mummy….” from outside brought me back to my senses!I asked myself”Why do I want to leave such a young innocent beautiful soul alone to the ruthlessness of this world?Will she ever forgive me if she comes to learn of my cowardice?Will she ever be convinced that her mum was a fighter who was overwhelmed by the way life treated her?”

Another thought came to me;”what if I just take both of our lives?”But the innocence in her eyes when she looked at me only brought nothing but tears to my eyes!I got weak all of a sudden and dropped the knife.What was I thinking?what has come over me?what happened to the strong woman in me?what has come over the perservearing nature in me?I’m losing hope,I’m losing my mind,I’m losing my faith,I’m losing myself…;:All these to the worries of the world.But again I just remembered,I have a purpose to fulfill,i have a life to nature,I have a trend to set for her,I have a mouth to feed,I have a legacy to leave behind…..all these and many more are what has perpetrated to my current condition!!!!

For how long will these go on?For how long will i experience these?How long does one wait for their own breakthrough?How long does it take for one’s flood gates of heaven to open?Will I wait forever or is it about to open?.They say it’s always dark when approaching dawn….but how close is my dawn?should I stay awake and await it’s arrival?

I’m nolonger living but surviving.Those I called family and could rely on are nowhere to be seen.The weight on my shoulders is way too heavy for me to carry.The burdens of life are becoming too many and heavy too…’s like I have people whom I can call on and at the same time it’s like they are not there.I feel all alone,empty,void, hollow, deserted, abandoned and cursed!!I feel like the breakthrough process is too slow:I wish there was a way to speed it up!

I fear seeing tomorrow yet at the same I want to fall into a deep sleep if at all that will make me forget this madness………….,:;!We have all at some point been here or are here,but trust me it shall pass.Just hang in there help is on the way….smile!

It’s so hard to believe God is present when everything is going wrong.But He is so intentional that He is aware of it all before it reaches and that’s why it never killed or will kill you.He is with you and it’s for His perfect will that He allows it.

Simple Makeup Tricks For When You Literally Have No Time.

In a perfect world, you wake up before your alarm clock goes off, sip a just-brewed cup of coffee or tea for the non-coffee lovers like myself, and have a carefree 30 minutes to calmly, expertly apply your makeup while thinking about the day ahead and plotting out world domination. But, hi, in the real world, you hit snooze once (fine, twice) and fit in your getting-ready wherever you can. Compact mirror on a bus that’s hurtling uptown? Sure. Blissfully reflective napkin holder at your local coffee spot? Child’s play.Instead of extolling the value of the first, let’s just plan for the second. The key to getting flawless skin on the go is one hero multi-purpose product, plus a few other items worth a spot in your makeup bag;

1.Prepare your Skin

For makeup that lasts, what you do before applying matters just as much as what goes on top. Prone to oily skin? Use a primer specifically formulated to fight overactive glands, and always apply to clean skin. Keep cleansing wipes in your bag if you’re always moving (whether that means stepping off a red-eye flight or putting on your makeup at your gym).

2.Dot on the go

How you apply your foundation is as personal as naming a favorite ice cream flavor, but sometimes you can’t be picky. In the comfort of your own bathroom, sure, blend with your fingers or use multiple brush heads to get it just so. On the go? Get yourself an easy-to-use sponge applicator that’s permanently affixed to your foundation, making it literally impossible to misplace. People with oily skin like myself, take note: Unlike a brush or the pads of your fingers, a sponge can pull double duty by picking up excess oil.

3.Let Your Light Shine

On-the-go beautification requires a stringent approach to what you’re packing. Leave the extras in your overstuffed makeup bag at home and grab only your desert-island products. Along with a good foundation-and-concealer combo, a highlighter should top your list. A touch on the cheekbones is magical and helps fake a finished face that looks like it took way more time than a minute here and 20 seconds there as you rushed to the office.

Pick a powder over a liquid (and don’t bother packing a brush for the former). Dusting your fingers over the high points of your face—brow bones, cheekbones—cupid’s bow—is more fool-proof than trying to blend in a lotion or cream without the aid of a mirror.

4.Will Contour For Cocktails

At the end of a long day, use the same products to refresh your look before leaving your desk. Use a foundation stick one to two shades darker than your skin tone to serve as a makeshift contouring stick, drawing a line under your cheekbones and along the edge of the jaw. Blend with the sponge tip and a light touch; by leaving more color deposit in these key areas, you’ll get the shade variance key to contouring.

Add a bold lip color and a touch of highlighter on the cheeks’ highest points, and you’re ready to clock out.

“Beauty is in the skin! Take care of it, oil it, clean it, scrub it, perfume it, and put on your best clothes, even if there is no special occasion, and you’ll feel like a queen. If society is hard on you, fight back by pampering your skin. Skin is political. Otherwise why would the imams order us to hide it?”    

Fatema Mernissi


Improving my Eyebrow game

I’m still looking for the person who invented makeup and all the beauty products.Not because I have a bone to chew with him but to show him gratitude.I mean,in this era and age what woman doesnt love makeup?if you dont love makeup and you are a woman then something is clearly wrong with you!You are missing out on alot.Ever since the discovery of makeup,there has been a tremendous evolvement in the beauty world.New brands are coming up with different products;all with one goal:to make us women look beautiful.I recently saw a meme trending on social media that ‘women these days are learning how to apply makeup instead of learning how to cook!‘its just a meme and therefore it won’t break my spirit of trying on the new variety of different beauty products in the market!Solidarity for ever.Im fully committed to my makeup no matter the criticism!We were taught how to cook way back by our ancestors so how about we learn something they never taught us!
For some,the problem is not buying the products but choosing the right products that go with their skin tones.Different skin tones use different products;for instance the foundation:you have to choose the correct shade of foundation that goes well or blends well with the tone of your skin and while applying the foundation make sure you apply in a uniform way so as to cover every inch of your face as well as your neck to give yourself a more ‘natural like’ look.Let your face and neck speak the same language my sister!
I’m a lover of makeup,I admire nicely done eyebrows that makes ones face pop out and speak for itself though drawing the eyebrows can be abit tricky but once you have mastered the art then you are good to go.I was chatting with one of my friends who happens to be a makeup artist and I wanted her to help me improve my eyebrow game…I want to get those ‘eye brow on fleek’kind of comments hehe.


Julie(her name) took me through a guide on how to do the eyebrows that will make you come up with the best results and I thought I should share.

Step By Step To Getting well defined eyebrows
You will need: Eyebrow pencil, matte brown eyeshadow, an angled brush, a spoolie brush, concealer, and highlighter powder.

1.After plucking/waxing, use a spoolie brush to brush your eyebrow hairs upward. Then trim the top of the eyebrow into a straight and even line.

2.Using your eyebrow pencil, line the bottom curve of the brow. Use this technique to shape the arch into your desired shape.
3.Using your angled brush and a brown matte eyeshadow to softly fill in the brow with light strokes.
4.Use a ‘spoolie’ to brush the eyebrows, and focus on brushing the ‘beginning’ of each eyebrow to soften out any harshness. Wiggling the spoolie at the root of your eyebrow hairs will blur the eyebrow pencil to create a softer look.
With a concealer and a concealer brush, clean up your brows. Go underneath and above the eyebrow, getting as close as you can to the edges – and then blend thoroughly.
5.Take a small, flat eyeshadow brush and a powder highlighter/light gold shadow, and apply underneath the eyebrow arch and the brow bone.
Set your brows with a brow mascara or even a clear mascara. This will ensure your eyebrows stay great all day!


At the end of the day,don’t struggle too hard, eyebrows are supposed to be sisters not twins and you don’t owe anyone perfect eyebrows;but you still want to look good and make people’s necks turn while staring at you right? We all want to hear that ‘you nailed it girl!‘(winks)